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Colleges and Specialities



College of Animal Science

Animal Science

Animal Medicine

Chinese Traditional Medicine

Veterinary Education

Food Hygienic Inspection

Herbal Medicine Culture and Processing

College of Plant Science


Agronomic Education

Agricultural Resources and Environment

Seed Science and Engineering

Farm Produce Inspection

College of Life Science

Biology Science (normal)

Biology Technology

Horticultural Education

Landscape Architecture


Environmental Science

Applied Biology

College of Engineering

Food Science and Engineering

Machine and Electron Education

Machine Design & Manufacturing and Their Automation

Electronic and Information Engineering

Food Security and Inspection

Cuisine and Nutrition Education


Vehicle Operation and Maintain

Numerical Control Technique Application

College of Management

Financial Accounting Education

Marketing Education

Business Administration

Village Area Development

International Economic and Trade

Financial Management

Countryside Town Economic Management

College of Foreign languages

English Language Literature (normal)

English education

College of sciences

Computer Science & Technology (normal)


College of Literature and laws

Public Utilities Management (normal)


Chinese Language Literature (normal)

Physical Education Department




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